Granites are probably the most widely known natural stones in the world. With its multiple colors and patterns, Granite tiles, kitchen countertops and vanity tops can be found anywhere in the world.

This is not without good reason. Not only beautiful, Granites are very resistant materials. The color and pattern variety and the fact that materials are still being discovered guarantee there is a granite suited for you.

We can help you select the best materials for your project, taking price, quality, intended usage, colors and patterns into consideration.

Dimensions for Granite
  • Granite is available in standard slabs, half slabs or tiles.
  • Granite tiles are available in all standard dimensions.
  • We can also supply cut to size tiles for your project.
Surface finishing for Granite
  • Classic finishings: Honed | Polished | Brushed | Leather
  • Rustic finishings: Flamed | Hammered | Water jet | Sandblasted
Thickness for Granite
  • Tiles: 1,3cm thickness
  • Granite slabs: 2cm and 3cm

If you are interested in importing Granites and would like more photos or a price list, send us a message!

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